About Us

STYLELINE Systems, Inc. f/k/a Commercial Refrigerator Door Company, Inc. was established in 1975 with a single idea in mind: To offer a better product at a competitive price. The continued success of STYLELINE Glass Door Systems products is proof we had the right idea, and STYLELINE Systems, Inc. continues to be the premier glass display door manufacturer in the industry.

Industry Innovators

Our reputation was built by never standing still, and we continue to reevaluate and improve our products, making great designs even better. In addition, we offer a complete line of merchandising accessories and systems, including standard heavy-duty flat shelving, Slide Trac shelving, Super Slide Trac shelving gravity-flow shelving, Roll-Mart Carts and an assortment of shelving accessories. All merchandising products are designed to work with STYLELINE Glass Door Systems doors to create the most flexible displays on the market.

A Continuing Commitment to Excellence

For over thirty years we have built a reputation for manufacturing quality products incorporating industry-leading and state-of-the-art technologies, delivering within short, reliable lead times and providing capable customer-friendly service during and after the sale. Now deep into our second generation of family ownership and management, you can expect more of the same great quality and service for many years to come. STYLELINE Systems, Inc. is proud to now be part of the Hussmann Corporation team.

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Since 1975

We know doors. STYLELINE Systems, Inc. f/k/a Commercial Refrigerator Door Company, Inc. was stablished in 1975.

New Logo - 2022

Ongoing continuous improvement of products, service and branding. Excited to announce new STYLELINE Glass Door Systems logo.

DOE Compliant

STYLELINE Glass Door Systems are fully compliant with DOE regulations.

Best Customer Service Team

Go ahead. Give us a call. We answer the phone. 800.237.3940.


We are proud of our product line. Extensive glass door testing with over 500K+ test cycles.

Fast Delivery

Our current lead times are 4-5 weeks from the day we get your purchase order. ABC lead times is 8 weeks.